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Home Design Trends for 2021: Creating an Authentic Space

Now that we’re well into 2021, builders and designers are beginning to see home trends come into focus for the year. According to the National Association of Home Builders, or NAHB, buyers are seeking authenticity in their home structure – modern style paired with traditional elements that feels refined but not fussy.

How can a home be authentic? A recent NAHB article says purposeful, authentic design is achieved by embracing existing landscapes and carefully thinking through the details. If you’re planning a new build or remodel, you are probably seeing these trends reflected in your research in the form of welcoming front-yard gathering spaces, thoughtfully placed windows, and multifunctional spaces.

Becca Traxson, a Fox Home Innovations interior designer, agrees that to make a space feel inviting, it is key to consider the mood you’re seeking in different parts of the home.

“I like an open concept, but you have to ensure the space doesn’t feel too open and detached,” she says. “An open space can feel intimate, but it can get loud quickly, so it comes down to function and flow.”

The challenges of 2020 also left homeowners craving flexible home office spaces as well as zones to unplug and unwind. The NAHB says new and remodeled homes now typically offer at least one home office, often with options for multiple flex spaces used for homework, crafting, home command centers, and other uses.

This emphasis on multifunctional living extends to indoor/outdoor spaces. Many homes now feature creatively layered outdoor spaces, designed to respond to changes in weather, gathering size, and activity. Outdoor living options also may include “unplug zones,” oasis-like spaces to decompress with features like sunken fire pits and thoughtful landscaping.

Visual connections to the outdoors are important indoors, as well. The NAHB says windows are an increasingly important way to feel physically close to nature, often thoughtfully placed to capture a specific view, add natural light, and overall improve a space.

Traxson adds it is also important to think about the amount of natural light that will be available during different times of year.

“When building a custom home, consider the location and direction your home will face during the winter months,” she says. “If you enjoy morning light in your kitchen, consider windows facing east to catch that early sunlight.”

Regardless of time of year, lighting is an excellent way to customize warmth and emotion in your home.

“Lighting plays such a large role in setting a mood,” says Traxson. “For example, consider installing dimmable lights for an easy way to calm your mind.”

One trend that will never go out of style is Fox Home Innovation’s commitment to ensuring you love your home today, tomorrow, and years into the future. Our experts are always ready to discuss the best ways to personalize your spaces, indoors and out.

“I love communicating with clients to better understand how they feel about design trends,” says Traxson. “If there is a specific trend they want to include in their project, we can make it happen.”