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Top 10 Considerations When Hiring a Contractor

They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but that isn’t the case when hiring a contractor for your build or remodel. Just like every home is different, contractors have their own variations and distinctions, too, and it’s important to have a complete understanding of one another’s expectations.

No one can tell you exactly what questions to ask or things to look out for when considering a contractor, but some generalities hold true. Here are some important items to check off your list to ensure you hire a professional that meets your needs.


  1. Proper credentials: Is the contractor licensed, insured and certified in all necessary areas? Don’t be afraid to ask for paperwork, and you can double-check licensure by checking with your state’s licensing board.


  1. Planning stages: It may take just three weeks to complete a bathroom remodel, but the planning process can take three months. Discuss the entirety of the timeline – from planning to final clean up – long before the project begins.


  1. Benefits and value: You want a team built around your project – not just cramming you into their schedule with whoever is available. When every person on the team is communicating and collaborating, you receive a well-designed, cohesive space at the best possible price.


  1. Price conditioning: Closing the gap between cost expectations between contractors is known as price conditioning. When you interview contractors, understand that it is impossible to get numerous apples-to-apples quotes, as clarity can vary in design vision and outcomes.


  1. Design process: A good contractor doesn’t view you as a client with a timeline, but instead as a puzzle with pieces that must perfectly match up to your expectations. That’s why the design process is so important – it’s the glue that ensures your project is beautiful and functional.


  1. Relevant experience: In your search for a contractor, one phrase should make you extremely comfortable: “We do this all the time.” While no project is identical, you want someone who has worked on similar projects and is confident in their abilities.


  1. Subcontractor/vendor relationships: Someone who has worked in your community for a good period of time will have close contact with the local subcontractors and vendors necessary to complete your project. Consider asking who they typically work with for this project type.


  1. Warranty: Most contractors offer a warranty on their work, but what it covers can vary. Make sure to ask plenty of questions to have a full understanding of how your contractor guarantees their work.


  1. Flexibility: Any home project is a big investment, so you must be completely satisfied with the result. After all, you live there! If you change your mind on a fixture or finish – within reason – you want someone who is understanding and is committed to your satisfaction.


  1. The comfort factor: Above all else, ask yourself: Is this someone I want in my home? Make sure you can have open, transparent conversations with whoever you hire to spend an extended amount of time in your house – you must trust that they have your best interests in mind.

Hiring a design build team like Fox Home Innovations ensures you have a professional team build around the specifics of your project from start to finish, exceeding your expectations in a one-stop shop.

“We succeed at wherever our focus is,” said Chris Fox, founder and director of design and sales. “When we’re your job site or planning your project, our focus is your home.”

Contact Fox Home Innovations today to begin the journey toward your dream home. Our team can’t wait to partner with you!

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