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Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor?

Building a new home or planning an extensive remodel can be a stressful — but rewarding — process. That is why it is so important to work with a team of professionals who can walk you through each step in a way that feels seamless and allows you to feel understood.

Using a design-build contractor like Fox Home Innovations is the most efficient way to ensure your project stays on track. This is a joint venture between a general contractor and a designer, meaning you (as the owner) only have one point of contact for any questions or concerns.

“Often times we hear our clients biggest concern or worry is a lack of communication, we have developed a process to insure accountability to our clients. This allows us to be seamless and ensure that no small details are dropped from the design side to the execution of the project in production” says Chris Fox, founder of Fox Home Innovations and director of design and sales.

The alternative to a design-build contractor is the design-bid-build system. As the name suggests, this process adds in a separate bidding process, meaning there are separate entities for each of the design and construction aspects of the project. The owner must seek out each company separately, and they will have no connection until the plans are placed up for bids.

Since design and construction are not integrated in the design-bid-build system, each phase cannot start until the previous step has been completed, adding more time to your project. Meanwhile, using a design-build contractor eliminates the bidding process. Since services are integrated, your project can be completed on time while allowing for last-minute changes.

“My favorite part about the design-build process is the relationships that come from it. Since we focus on our clients’ goals and achieving them, we understand our clients’ vision and there why behind each choice they make. This allows our production team to focus on those goals to ensure accuracy and follow through” says Chris Fox.


Here are a few other benefits to using a design-build contractor:

  • Less risk to owner: Only one entity is held accountable for any problems, eliminating owner liability.
  • One contract: Instead of having a separate contract with architect and contractor, the owner only has one contract with the design builder.
  • Most cost effective: Design builders have access to the most recent construction costs, so designs are created with the most cost-effective materials and methods.

The team at Fox Home Innovations are well-versed in every area of a project from start to finish, and they are eager to partner with you to make your dream home a reality. Call your local design-build experts to get started today.