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Selecting Home Finishes that Fit Your Needs

Selecting Home Finishes that Fit Your Needs


Believe it or not, a drawer pull or trim style can have a significant impact on how you enjoy your home. These may be small details, but they have a cumulative effect on how perfectly your space fits your family’s needs.

Fox Home Innovations has compiled a few considerations for selecting finishes and final touches for your home. However, keep in mind that this is just a jumping-off point—we’re always here to answer more of your questions.


Make a List

It’s inevitable that some finishes and materials are going to matter more to you than others, and the same may be true for others in your household. Ask each person to make a (short!) list of “must-have” items, as well as “would be nice” items. For example, maybe you have a strong opinion on closet functionality, but are more flexible on cabinet color. There are so many small (and large) decisions to make when designing your home or project, and it helps to break it down by priority.


Know Your Style

Becca Traxson, FHI interior designer, warns homeowners that spending money simply because a style is “trendy” is not typically a good idea. “I always tell clients that what works for them may happen to be what is currently trending, and that’s great, but it also may not be, and that’s okay, too,” she says. Trends come and go, but you will be occupying your space long after, so think about how you would describe your personal style and move in that direction. Make a mood board—Pinterest is your friend!


Give Yourself a Deadline

Using a timeline for making decisions can help you not only check off tasks, but also ensure you are making cohesive choices. Work with your FHI team to determine when selections should be made and set goals for certain areas of your home. For example, maybe your goal is to make all master bedroom finishing decisions this week, and master bathroom choices the next. Your FHI team will guide you toward coordinating, seamless finishes, but having an idea of your design goals as you work through your options within a structured timeline can help you further develop your unique style.


Consider Future Plans

When building or remodeling your home, Becca suggests thinking through how long you plan to be in the home, and any cost limitations that will affect your finishes. “You can go down a rabbit hole of making everything ADA compliant, and that cost can add up quickly.” If you plan on being in the home in your later years, consider the type of flooring you may need, making doors wider or lowering appliances. However, these finishes may not be of concern if you do not plan on living there in retirement and beyond.


You can find extensive lists of finishes to consider in a home (we have great checklists for kitchens and bathrooms), but don’t get overwhelmed. When you choose FHI for your project, you can be confident that we’ve already thought of everything, and we can’t wait to help you make amazing choices for a home you’ll be thrilled to show off.


Contact Fox Home Innovations to learn more about options for your upcoming remodel or build, or contact us to schedule a free consultation. 

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